Why work for CRR?

 Are you seeking a meaningful experience at work and a supportive, collaborative environment that appeals to your sense of purpose and values? Do you enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces and want to make a difference? Are you looking for a place where your career can expand? 

Come work for CRR and receive all that and more!

CRR stands out from all the rest, and we want you to come grow with us. CRR is focused on creating the best in vacation and day-to-day living options and RV storage solutions. We are committed to providing exceptional value and amenities, whether in our Upscale RV resorts, manufactured home communities, or RV storage facilities. Our Mission is to provide unique and enjoyable places that offer accessible luxury, value, and fulfillment.

Our Company Values speak volumes to our Associates, and they help us determine what is truly most important to us. Our Values include being Caring, Positive, Passionate, Curious, a Team Player, and Excellence. Cares is about our heart, being Passionate and Curious are about our head, Excellence is about our drive; and being positive and a team player is about how we behave. Everyday our Team is committed to providing our guests with excellent customer service and our Vision is to be the Preferred Provider evolving the industry for the modern world. Does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Come join us today and experience all that CRR has to offer.

What benefits do we offer? Only the best for our associates! We offer great pay and a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, term life insurance, disability, paid time off, 401K match, Employee Assistance Plan, and Dependent Care Program.

The results speak for themselves!

We have amazing growth opportunities and always strive to promote from within. At CRR, we are rapidly expanding our portfolio across America. We have many upcoming projects in numerous states such as California, Arizona, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Secure your Dream Job today with CRR!

Associate Testimonials

What do I enjoy most about working for CRR?

What I enjoy most about working for CRR is their core values and their mission – “to provide unique and enjoyable places that offer accessible luxury, value and fulfillment”. To hear guests say that they truly enjoyed their stay with us is so fulfilling, such a great sense of accomplishment. I love that we have a great team who are like family and work so well together, and that our General Manager truly cares and always tells his team how appreciated we all are. Our corporate office team is amazing, always available, so positive and helpful. I feel so blessed to be a part of this company!

Why did I decide to work for CRR?

Having been in the RV Resort business for the last 4 years I was happy to read the reviews about CRR, and I wanted to be part of a resort that valued and appreciated their employees. I was also thrilled to be here at (almost) the start of our Resort, having watched it being built and to be a part of it now is so exciting.

What is my favorite thing to do on my days off?

I love hanging out around our resort and being able to get to know and talk more with our guests. Taking long rides on our Harley checking out new places to eat or see new sights, bonfires and relaxing and swimming in the water whether it’s our pool or beach here at the resort.

Dawn Cannon

Operations Manager at River Sands RV Resort

What do you enjoy most about working for CRR?

I don’t think I can choose just one! I love our entire Team – the Management and the Associates. Working here makes you feel like you’re a part of a family and each associate supports one another to grow professionally as well as personally. The sincere appreciation I receive from not only my bosses, but also the people I work with is amazing. A heartfelt “thanks” goes a long way for me! This company really cares - we have company lunches, we recognize birthdays and anniversaries, and we recognize personal achievements.

Why did you decide to work for CRR?
I have been searching for a great company to work for now for quite some time; one that appreciates and cares about each and every one of their employees. A company like this is very hard to find and I’m so happy I found it! What really drew me in is their values – Cares, Positive, Excellence, Passionate, Curious and Team Player. Each of these words and the meanings of these words really resonates with me. Also, the benefits are fantastic! We receive 3 weeks of PTO a year, we have great health benefits, matching 401K and a great work life balance.

 What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?
Kayaking, road trips and finding delicious, new restaurants!


Lindsay Slater

CRR's Corporate Administrator

What do you enjoy most about working for CRR?

I love my job because it lets me meet a lot of new people, but it also lets me visit and see all the people that live in our community.

Why did you decide to work for CRR?

The job I had for 22 years moved to Mesa, I did not want to leave the Verde Valley. I retired and had to much time on my hands. The job at CRR is part time and fits my needs perfectly.

What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?

My time off is spent with family friends or neighbors. The valley has so much to see from fine dining to food wagons, each to your own choice. Mine is not sushi.

What do you see as the potential growth for this company?

CRR has knowledge to build for the future, while letting us enjoy the present.

What do you see as the potential growth for your career at CRR?

Since starting I have moved up to [supervisor] and I am happy there. If I was young again I could look to move up in the company as they grow.  Can’t wait to see all they do.


Linda Ohman


What do you enjoy most about working at CRR?

I enjoy working at CRR because it is up and coming, to see all the growth happening since I have been here has been so exciting. Having everyone collaborate on new ideas and work as a team to accomplish those ideas has created such a positive work environment.

Why did you decide to work for CRR?

I have been in grocery retail for 22 years. I wanted to see if there was anything else out there for me. I enjoy trying new things and I put my all into everything that I do. CRR has opened my eyes to new opportunity and helping be a part of someone’s new chapter means a lot to me.

What do you see as the potential growth for this company?

CRR has so many opportunities. With great plans for the future, I think this company will continue to grow and thrive. With the right people in place, the opportunities are endless.

What do you see as the potential growth for your career at CRR?

Learning the ins and outs of home sales has been exciting and challenging. I love being part of helping our clients find a new home and a new chapter in their lives. I like to think I am making a difference in their lives. With how much CRR is growing it is hard to say what my future holds. I enjoy what I do and would love to see Verde Ranch Estates blossom and grow until the end. My philosophy is if you are not learning your dying. I want to learn everything I can to help expand CRR and my future.


Megan Asbury

General Manager at Verde Ranch Estates

What is the culture like at CRR?

CRR is open to suggestions, doing things differently, motivating individuals, exercising work life balance, and being true to our core values in everything we do. Cares – Passionate – Team Player - Excellence -Curious- and Positive!

Why did you decide to work for CRR?

I have been in hospitality for many years however I have had this idea, vision, and passion for outdoor hospitality that was always burning in the back of my mind. So, when I started to consider making this shift in my career it was important to find a company that aligned with my ethics and values. The friendly, passionate, positive conversations that I had during this time made it seem like a no brainer. I wanted to be a part of this company and their mission.

What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?

Easy question, find water to explore and launch my paddle board! There’s nothing better than floating on the water, relaxing, exercising a bit, and enjoying my natural surroundings.

What do you see as the potential growth for this company?

CRR without a doubt will not only be a leader in outdoor hospitality but be a leader in continuing to grow the industry. CRR will continue to grow, break new barriers, and set new benchmarks and through third party management they will help other park and resort owners to do the same.


Carolee Evans

General Manager at Savannah Lakes RV Resort

CRR internal promotions

At CRR, we believe in career progression and long-term growth for all of our associates.

Here are some examples of internal promotions within the company:

Mike Harrison

Vice President of Operations > Chief Operating Officer

Erin Forrest

Executive Administrative Assistant >
Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing


Sales Consultant >
General Manager 

Linda Ohman

Clubhouse Ambassador >
Clubhouse Ambassador Supervisor

LaViece Crabtree

Office Coordinator > Office Supervisor > Reservation Supervisor > Reservation Manager

Lori McNerlin

Office Coordinator > Sales Consultant


Maintenance > Maintenance Supervisor


Car Wash Associate > Supervisor